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Every reading-ready classroom should provide a quiet and comfortable place for children to read independently or with a partner or small group. Reading area should include comfortable seating , like bean bag sofa, pillows, carpet squares,  a small couch. Green carpet, a few lawn chairs and some plants make an interesting "reading garden" for teachers with green thumbs!

Reading Sofa

Cozy Bamboo Story House

Cosy Reading Nook

Giraffe Bookshelf

Children Bookcase

( Adjustable Shelf)

Books Stand

Double Sided Books Stand

Tree Shaped Bookshelf

Diamond Book Display Set 

Zebra Book Stand 

Ladybird Book Stand & Storage

Mushroom Book Stand & Storage

Frog Book Stand & Storage

Teddy Bear Book Stand & Storage

Train Bookcase 

London Bus Bookcase 

London Bus Bookcase XL 

London Bus Book Unit

Train Book Unit

Rotating Bookcase 

Fire Engine Bookshelf 

Small Fire Engine Bookshelf 

Books Stand

Upright Books Stand

Big Books Stand

Books Stand

Diamond Book Display Set 

Crocodile Movable Bookcase 

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